Ambulatory surgery

Your teams are overwhelmed by phone calls ?

Patients do not come on time ?

Patients do not follow recommendations ?

You want to improve the unit efficiency ?

You want to know patients satisafaction ?

logo Memoquest

The automated sms dialog that removes obstacles to ambulatory surgery

Memoquest is a cloud solution that implements algorithms that have been defined by your ambulatory surgery unit. It sends sms at defined dates and times, analyses patients’ answers and sends you notifications only when answers are abnormal or when there are no answers from patients.


You anticipate no-shows
You reduce patients delays and non-conformity
You identify abnormal patients
You dedicate resources to patients that really need them
You free time for care staff
You improve care efficiency
You provide follow-up traceability

How does it work?

In practice

First step

We define together the protocol that matches your objectives and procedures.
sms content
Dates, times of sms
Answers and no-answers that require notification
Holidays management
Statistics and data provision

Second step

Our cloud platform, does not require connexion to the hospital IT, a web connexion is enough. As soon as we receive the order, we grant you access to You can start enrolling patients within 72hrs:
Your staff login to Memoquest to enter mobile phone numbers, dates and times for planned patients.
Patients receive sms on their mobile phones (no need for a smartphone nor 3G connexion). They can answer directly by sms. Our servers process answers in real-time.
Answers that are considered abnormal (as defined in your protocol) are notified by email to your staff.
All data is archived and available in a standard format at anytime.