Chronic disease management

You want to help your patients manage their disease and follow their treatment?

You want to improve your patients’ compliance?

You sell a drug that requires follow-up?

+++ La complexité du parcours patient est un élément favorisant la perte de chance des patients?

You want to make real-life studies?

logo Memoquest

The automated sms dialog that allows to remind patients of their due-dates, measure and improve compliance, and collect real-life data.

Our cloud solution Memoquest sends sms at dates and times indicated in the algorithm defined by the customer, processes patients answers and can notify health professionals by email when abnormal answers or no-answers occur. Collected data is anonymised and available for statistical analysis anytime.


You improve compliance
You implement a seamless health course
You improve your knowledge of the disease and the treatment in real life
You identify treatments side effects early