Online immunization record

You want to follow your patients’ immunizations?

Improving immunization coverage is one of your concerns?

You think that immunization is an important public health topic?

Your patients forget their immunization record?

You want to help your patients manage their immunizations?

logo Memovax

The shared online immunization record

Memovax, the online immunization record has been designed to facilitate data entry and make information retrieval easy

Your benefits

Patients can manage their immunization record themselves
Parents can manage all family members’ records
Patients get immunization reminders
You get a monthly notification for patients that need to get an immunization
You help improve immunization coverage

How does it work?

Data can be entered through the website, by email, by sms or using the smartphone App. The next immunization date gets calculated and reminders are sent by email, sms of in App notification on user’s choice. Records can be securely shared with other users (family members, doctor, pharmacist).